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Boat Build & Modifications by the women of The Outdoors Quest

Women fish and hunt, and camp, and boat…so why not build what they need to accomplish these adventures? The women here at The Outdoors Quest have taken on the mission to build the ideal boat and you’re invited to join us on this wild and crazy quest through boat modifications of all kinds!

What are the goals behind these boat modifications?

When deciding to work on boat modifications we had requirements that had to be met

Our Early Projects

When The Outdoors Quest was just a notion with no real planning in mind, AJ and Kat already had it in their minds to make something they could fish in comfort. Their first serious project was a pair of Big Fish 120s.

With the creation of The Outdoors Quest there came a need for something a bit more in-depth.

The Duck Duster was born!

This Alumacraft 14 foot Jon Boat blank slate was the true kick off to The Outdoors Quest Boat Build Projects. modifications ranged from electrical wiring and fuel lines to carpeting and a motor mount. Add to that our custom duck blind and we had a perfect starter boat. 

The Jon Boat that started our Modification Adventures

The Current Quest to Perfect Boat Modifications:

The Pelican Bass Raider 10E is our opportunity to find that all important middle ground between the simplicity of Kayak fishing and the joys of Boat fishing. The modifications already planned for these little monsters will blow your mind! Subscribe to our YouTube Channel and know when the latest changes are put into use.

While lights and a wrap are a good start, there’s plenty more to be done to modern kayaks. The Pelican Catch 100, Pelican Catch Power 100, Pelican Bass Raider 10E, Bonifide ss127, Big Fish 120, and a few more (we’re not ready to disclose) are about to get facelifts!

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