Future Destinations for New Adventures

AJ & KL are ALWAYS looking for new adventures to add to their arsenals of skills and knowledge. The destinations here are upcoming quest meant to fulfill goals, dreams, and ambitions that we have in our never-ending-mission to conquer the outdoors!

Planed Adventures in Our Quest to Expand our Hunting Experiences

Lake Ray Roberts, A duck hunters adventure just waiting for you

This is the heading

We were unprepared last year for the challenges of this outdoors environment. This year, we aim to get our redemption!

Richland Creek is an adventure waiting to happen for women ready to hunt a wild boar

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AJ and I have had wild boar from various areas of California, Wyoming, Arkansas, Illinois, and Colorado. This year, we’re going for Texas Boar.

Old Sabine Bottom will give and outdoors adventurer a quest to remember

Old Sabine Bottom

We have heard so many stories and seen so many pics of the game in the Old Sabine Bottom area that we can’t wait to find out for ourselves just how exciting this outdoors adventure will become.

Freestone will be an adventure for any outdoors enthusiast

Freestone, TX

Ducks, Rabbits, Squirrels, and Boar in this great hunting terrain…How much of an adventure will time permit?

Fishing Adventures yet to Come!

Trinity, Brazos, Guadalupe, and so much more…But the ultimate Adventure this year…

AJ and KL each drew a tag this year from the TPWD. We will be taking you on our adventure…The Mission: A Dinosaur sized Alligator Gar…The Location: The Trinity River…The Steps Needed: MANY…This will truly be the ultimate of adventures when we accomplish our goal!

Read the blogs as we progress through our mission to catch this monster!

Watch the videos we release to give you a front seat to our greatest adventure yet!

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