The Future of The Outdoors Quest

Be it a hunt, a boating adventure, a quest for that illusive species of fish, or a dream to build that ideal craft…The women of The Outdoors Quest are working every day to build the resources and skills necessary for every woman’s successful adventures.

Adventures Planed in Hunting, Scouting, & Fishing:

Future Adventures will include white tail, wild boar, rabbit, squirrel, and even gar hunting


Our planed adventures will cover all these possibilities, as we explore various public lands and open hunting lands that are so often overlooked and downplayed by avid hunters. We have learned to appreciate these resources and strive to make their opportunities known to all the women out there like us.


Read the blogs as we scout for land, learn the special requirements of each territory, and put these valuable resources to use.


Watch the YouTube videos as they are released to see our progress and participate in our successes.

Our Quest for the Ideal Vessels is a Never Ending Adventure in Skill, Planning, & Craftmanship:

The quest for the ideal boat has grown by leaps and bounds. We started the mission when we upgraded to large fishing kayaks. The need for trolling motors and accommodations lead to the desire to try something bigger: the 14 foot Jon boat. Our aluminum Jon boat has grown from a simple pond hopper to a universal fishing and hunting vessel with attachments and modifications to help with a variety of adventures. Next will be the modifications of a pair of Bass Raiders to create the ultimate catfishing and bow fishing machines. Progress will be documented through the YouTube channel and our weekly blogs.  As if that wasn’t enough, there’s another planned modification adventure in the works: the 1973 Skeeter Hawk is in need of massive care and restoration. To top it off, we’re developing ideas for conversions to make this the ultimate ocean, lake, and creek fishing machine!

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