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AJ & Kat are the founders of the Outdoors Quest. Learn about them today.


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Kat's known for her hairbrained ideas...

Never one to settle for the mundane or ordinary, Kat was never satisfied with her limited experiences in life. Working construction, salt processing, then printing; Kat had considerable experience in the mechanical world. Her love of building and repairing things was exemplified through her constant projects. She’s particularly prone to repairing and rebuilding old things she knows could still serve a valuable purpose. Eventually she expanded her work experiences into the medical field. Kat was especially focused on emergency medicine where she put her passions to help others learn and improve themselves to use.

KL from The Outdoors Quest out for a Fall Hike

Partnering up with AJ, Kat discovered an insatiable love for the outdoors. Hunting, camping, scouting, boating, and (especially) fishing have grown into more than just a pass time for Kat. Her desire to always pass on her knowledge and developing skills to others pursuing similar paths lead to her and AJ creating the site you are now using.

Skeet Shooting to prepare for duck season
Kat got an ATV to help with the upcoming hunts
Kat's second modified kayak

The Outdoors Quest developed through a series of trial and errors only Kat and AJ could create!

The Outdoors Quest's original logo
The Outdoors Quest: Bringing Pride, Confidence, & Knowledge to the Women of the Outdoors

Kat and AJ started with a very basic premise. The women they socialized with were repeatedly disappointed with the lack of resources and recognition they received from the outdoorsmen they were around. They set out to create a source of recognition and affirmation for those marginalized women. A POD T-shirt company was started. The reality of this platforms’ limitations were quickly realized. Ultimately a decision was made. AJ and Kat formed the Outdoors Quest. They set out with three goals:

The Outdoors Quest, founded by LJ Ranch Outfitters, is here to help women who love the outdoors find their voice in the wild

1) Pride: Give women a resource where they can develop their own pride in the skills, accomplishments, and successes they earn.

2) Confidence: Give women the resources they need to develop the skills and personal resources that will allow them to safely and successfully pursue every outdoors related quest they choose to pursue.

3) Knowledge: Provide every outdoorsman, who wants to pursue a life of outdoors adventures, the resources (in one concise location) that will help them prepare for those quests.

Pan fish may be small, but have a fight we could learn a lot from
The Outdoors Quest Bass Fishing with LJ Ranch Outfitters
We started with a basic 1448 Jon Boat which was painted to reduce reflection and carpeted to reduce sound. Then the hunting modifications began.
Anchor Light (360 degree light) for Kayaks

AJ has always had the Outdoors in her blood

AJ, a navy veteran, has always been a natural on the water. Her passion, however, has been more land focused. A trail blazer with a vast array of skills and experiences, AJ has turned her passions into a skill set for any woman ready to brave the outdoors. Through her quest to constantly hone her skills, she’ll teach you about the lessons she’s learned for hunting, camping, and covering the trails less frequently conquered.

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